page title icon Using Google Posts to Reach Customers

Using Google Posts to Reach Customers

Recently, Google added an update to the way you can post about your business online. By adding a post in from your Google My Business page, these posts will be shown under your business listing as shown below. This has the advantage of putting the content you want your customers or potential customers right in front of them when they find your business in Google search results.

- Knowledge Graph For Clickflame Google Posts
Some of the options include being able to add a button to a part of your website, or making the post a featured event for your business. By getting your posts to show up right in Google search alongside your business, new customers and existing ones will be able to reach new content you provide with an ease of access that before this did not exist. Working with these posts on behalf of our clients is something we are adding next week and will be excited to report the success in future postings.

Google Plus for Your Business

Many business owners have told me that they feel Google Plus as a social network is something they don’t need to concentrate on due to it’s limited members that are active. While this remains to be true we’ve had great success with posting in it anyway in terms of the social signals generated. Not really great for picking up clients true, but still has the advantage to generating new readers, followers and those valuable social signals digital marketers care about so much.

Get active for your business today, here is a link to an article in Search Engine Land about Google Posts. In today’s ever-changing digital marketplace it’s important to stay up to date on new tactics and strategy. Check out our last post as well for a list of up to date marketing resources for this 2017!


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