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Best Indian Hair Extensions

Several years ago we ranked World Hair Extensions for the keyword phrase “Best Indian Hair Extensions”. Now we have started these last couple months working with a new company that offers some of the highest quality hair extensions we’ve ever seen. Working with Lumibloom has been the exact client experience we look for when choosing who to work with.

Why Lumibloom is the Best!

Early on we got some great participation from the owners and staff over at their office. Moving forward we found them to not only be extremely helpful and interested in the details of their campaign but to be willing to put forth any effort they could to make their business a success online. Even within our reporting and strategy calls they have the most people in attendance over any other client we work for. If you care about your online marketing, ask yourself, are you putting your best foot forward with these efforts?

There are many things we do that rely on automation and technology. Your businesses unique selling proposition is not one of them, the things that make your business a better choice for a potential customer really isn’t one either. In order to stand out online your content and social media posts need to be as originally unique as possible. Trust us, no one wants to see the same stock photos every other start up in your space has used again and again. What does help is client testimonials, videos and other areas where your business really shines to be featured on the different traffic channels your campaign is using.

Down to the Hair Extensions

Kind of easy to prove we are the best local seo company, since we are the highest ranked company that offers local seo as ranked organically in the space, internationally even. Hair extensions are a bit different, a physical product you can hold in your hand. What makes Lumibloom stand out to us as the best Indian hair extensions is this:

  • *Low customer complaints, never one online and quickly addressed when any dissatisfaction reaches management
  • *Fair on pricing in comparison to market average
  • *Only uses virgin high quality hair you can feel the difference in
  • *Cares about helping the community constantly
  • *Their whole team is devoted on a day to day basis to improve the overall quality of their customer experience right down to the smallest details

Why Lumibloom is Our Favorite Client

Working with our clients hand in hand always produces the best results. While there are many useful done for services we can provide, nothing outperforms the competition like unique content. Lumibloom’s website for example is filled with actual photos of their staff. None of the photos that were used are anything but authentic photos of the best extensions you’ll find online, with the happiest staff we’ve ever met. Thanks for giving us an amazing experience this 2018 getting started with your brand.


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