Dan Rousseve Digital Memorial Marketing Scholarship

Posted by clickflame on Sep 28 2017 0

Dan Rousseve’s Digital Memorial Marketing Scholarship

Dan Rousseve

Many of us at Clickflame first met Dan at AdCom8 where many of us worked. The things we knew about Dan were that he’d literally give the shirt off his back to help you out. As a commission only salesman at the time, sometimes Dan didn’t get enough new clients in a week and we’d pitch in to help him out. Eventually, Dan settled into an integral part of the customer service team as AdCom8 grew. Dan was happiest when he could help people. I don’t think a day went by without hearing Dan talk about how happy he was to just help people. Myself, Anthony Limpert, had met Dan a bit prior at a former company, BrandRep were we helped each other out. Dan with transfers from interested prospects and me with the closing ability to work on Wall Street in it’s heyday. Many days we’d share lunch or just talk about life in general.


Dan was just never down, the exact opposite of a cynic in fact. He’d bring cheer to your day just to work with. He will be sorely missed and we’d like to offer a scholarship to students looking to pursue a degree in the marketing field. No extensive application or qualifications are necessary. Please send us one thing. An essay of 500 words or more on why you want to be in the marketing industry and how you feel you can help change the world around us while making an impact in our digital age. Please send all applications to support@clickflame.com


One entry will be selected by the management team after reviewing all applications by June 1st of 2018. One entrant will be selected and contacted no later than June 14th of 2018 and payment shall be made by certified check sent to the selected entrant.


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