Digital Marketing for Small Business in 2017

Posted by clickflame on Aug 24 2017 0

Digital Marketing in 2017


Digital marketing in 2017 can be difficult to say the least. How do you rise above the competition in a marketplace flooded with options? One simple answer we’ve found is to just do more than your competitors. Within reason, outperforming the competition comes down to this simple factor. Areas we like to outperform competition include:

    • Blog Postings
    • Social Media Metrics
    • Site Traffic
    • Healthy Backlinks
    • Website Speed & Performance
    • On-Site SEO
    • Directory Citations


    One of the main problems with doing these steps is that outside of the marketing community, many business owners do not know where to find the information to see how they compare to their competitors. Even within the marketing community, you’d be surprised how many marketers can’t check these simple stats for your business before they start marketing your interests online. Here is a list of free tools and links to help you understand better where you are.

    Digital Marketing Resources for 2017

      • SEO Quake – A free chrome extension providing insight into social metrics, Alexa ranking and on site search engine optimization errors that may exist on your website.
      • – This part of the Pingdom website diagnoses load times and performance scores for your website.
      • Moz Open Site Explorer – This part of Moz’s website will pull both the backlinks as they’ve indexed from any url you submit.
      • Directory Scan – Our own directory scan tool will crawl 72 Tier 1 directory listings and give you a report showing what errors if any need to be fixed.
      • Similar Web – This website has a free version as well as a paid service which will allow you to see how your competitors get traffic and from where.

With just these five resources you can make yourself into a bigger threat to the competition in your digital marketplace. Want more tips and tricks to make your business show up more often in front of potential customers? Reach out to one of our marketing team on our contact page. We take great pride in our ability to educate our clients to better assist in their business growth. Feel free to contact us even if you just have a question. When you love what you do, it’s not all about the sale. This is something we truly embrace here at Clickflame.

Digital Marketing for your small business this year

So now you’ve got some tools and some information on how to proceed, but what do you do first? Build a strategy for your business and factor how long a week it will take to implement. Plan on seeing results from your efforts a few months out and don’t be disappointed if you don’t get immediate results. Keep in mind that if your competitors are in front of you then it probably means they’ve been at it a bit longer than you. By all means check out our other blogs for more information or reach out to us and we’ll be glad to help whether you become a client or better yet, a new relationship we can build upon in the future.


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