General Questions

1How do my directory listing affect my local search rankings online?
Simply put, one of the things that has made Google more successful than any other search engine is their ability to provide quality information to search users. With this in mind search engines attempt to rank websites and local search results based on many different pieces of data. The more accurate your data is online about your business the better while inaccuracies will cost you valued traffic your business wants.
2Do I need a mobile friendly website?
Absolutely yes, it is clear that Google has pretty much leveled websites that are not mobile responsive from showing up in Google search. If you have two websites and one is just another version of your main one then this is also the wrong way to run a website that wants search engine traffic. Google offers a free website mobile test that you can find through a quick search online.
3Does my business need a Google My Business Page?
If you offer your goods or services to a localized customer base or want people to find you in your area when searching what you offer then yes. If you sell products online only or are a large company clients order from then possibly not but it still couldn't hurt. This is a free page for your business which our marketing team optimizes as part of our basic local search engine optimization services.
4Should I use Social Media to market my business.
Social signals from powerful social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest are an excellent way to boost your search engine optimization efforts. Also, many opportunities exist online in social media platforms your business can convert into revenue. While true social media marketing from a company like ours can be pricey, we do some limited marketing for all of our clients. Our social media manager is also happy to coach our clients on popular ways to get your business seen where it matters.
5How long does search engine optimization take?
Usually search engine optimization should be a life long commitment from your business to grow the amount of revenue you get from it. As long as you continue to grow and have not reached the maximum of what your business can take on then keep going. To see results on the smallest of SEO campaigns you can expect to begin to see reports and results in a 45-90 day window on average.


1Local Search Engine Optimization
This service revolves around promoted your business to rank stronger in search results. Some ways we achieve this include accurate business directory citations, Geo-tagging of photos with keywords and solid content behind every campaign we work on.
2Pay Per Click Management
Clickflame works in many verticals with pay per click campaigns on Facebook, Google & Bing to name a few. Depending on where your customers are, that is where you need to shop. With decades of experience in pay per click marketing we have the data to make the right decisions to bring in the clients you seek. This is one of the most aggressive and expensive ways to grow your business because it is the most successful online in today's digital marketplace.
3Website CRO & SEO
Websites are a bit like cars in that they can be optimized for speed and performance. Is yours a mid size sedan or a luxury sports car capable of speeding past the competition? One great way to find out is to get a free evaluation of your website from any of our search engine specialists on staff. Websites are the foundation that every digital marketing campaign are built on.

Customer Questions

1Do I have to enroll in Automatic Billing
Due to the nature of monthly costs while servicing accounts, we do require all clients to be enrolled in automatic billing. However, there are no long term contracts and no client agrees for longer than a month in advance. We are performance driven marketers and are able to prove our value every month you are with us.
2How do I cancel?
You may cancel at any time prior to three days before your billing cycle by calling in and speaking to your Customer Service Representative. They will require you to verify your cancellation with an email to for both of our records of the date of your request. Things happen from time to time that have nothing to do with marketing and we understand this. You will not be hassled should you decide to discontinue our services.
3Why do you need access to my Google My Business Page?
We will be listed as managers only and never the owner of your Google My Business Page. We need access because optimizing this page is an important part of how we get clients to rank in the local map pack. If you are not using us for these kinds of services then you will not be adding us to your page.
4Can I see analytics and AdWords data directly from Google?
Absolutely, we offer extremely transparent reporting directly from the source. No middle men or tech, just straight data that will show how successful the marketing you've invested in is doing. Simply request access to anything you'd like to see if you don't already have it, we're an open book.