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Top Ten Free Listings For Your Business Online
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Geo-tagging Photos For Local Search Presence

Geo-tagging Photos

Geo-tagging Photos For Local Search Presence

Geo-tagging Photos for local search presence can be a time consuming task but very rewarding. Take a look at the two examples below to see what this looks like in the images tab of Google search. By following the step by step guide we've included you can optimize your photos to show up in Google search more often. In addition, we've found that this particular tactic also helps well to push your Google My Business page up in rankings for the keywords you use. While this is one of the most time consuming tasks your customer care representative at Clickflame will do for your campaign, it is also one of the reasons our clients outrank the competition so often.

Step by Step Guide to Geo-tagging for Google Search

Warning - Following these steps may cause you to receive thousands of views to your images in Google Search!

8 Steps of Geo-tagging Photos for Google Search

Open the photo in the file you want to edit, right click to Properties.
Click over to the Details tab, then click to edit the title name, input name of company. Hit Apply.
Go down to Subject line and input your photos' subject, not going into too much detail. Hit Apply.
Go down to Rating, always give it a 5 Star rating. Hit apply.
Go down to tags and choose 1 or 2 short tail tags (keywords), choose them and hit apply.
Open up a new browsing window and go to Once there find the Latitude and Longitude of where your companies physical location is. Open your note pad and copy and paste the latitude and longitude on to it. Now set that to the side until the next step.
In the notepad you have opened in this order type out: Company Name
Latitude & Longitude (you already copied over)
Company Address
Company Phone number
Input them in this order into the comments section. Hit apply.
Hit apply and okay. Should close out window and apply all changes. Double check by right clicking going into properties and details all changes should be there.

Step 1

Geo-tagging Step 1

Step 2

Geo-tagging Step 3

Step 3

Geo-tagging Step 4

Step 4

Geo-tagging Step 4

Step 5

Geo-tagging Step 5

Step 6

Geo-tagging Step 7

Step 7

Geo-tagging Step 8

Step 8

Geo-tagging Step 1

Why Should You Geo-Tag Your Photos for Google Search?

By geo-tagging photos for Google Search your business will be able to place it's photos above the competition within the image tab of Google Search. Working with hundreds of local seo clients over the years we can say with confidence that doing this increases the local search rank of our clients almost immediately. So why doesn't everyone do it? Taking into account tagging all the photos in this post alone, there are nine in total, took about 25 minutes. Compared to the time to prepare this post taking about an hour without this time, the amount of time to simply geo-tag photos quickly adds up.
Silver State Locksmith for example has over 1,000 photos online. We have geo-tagged these photos and distributed them throughout all of their directories. For more information on directory citations click the link. What this has done is take a locksmith that ranked somewhat decently online to pushing them straight to the front under keyword phrases like "Las Vegas Locksmith".
Overall, optimizing your photos adds value to your photos and your brand online. By adding value to your photos and business online you provide a more valuable experience to search users. This is the number one way to succeed in search engine optimization, provide more value to your visitors. Good luck and feel free to reach out to us if you need help with your digital marketing.

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