Google My Business Page Description is Back

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February 23, 2018
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May 17, 2018

In a throwback to old local search marketing tactics, Google My Business description is back. This field added extra value and ability to more properly define what a business was able to offer to their customers. One major difference though we quickly found after reading Search Engine Land’s Article on the subject was that HTML code is not allowed in the business description as it was last time.

Where to Find the Business Description Field on Your Page

You’ll see from the above image that when you log into your Google My Business Page dashboard the option to complete your business listing will show up on your profile. Ironically enough, this means that there are millions of pages bereft of this field as it also seems that none of the old data came back from pages that had this filled on in 2016 when the feature was pulled from Google. Ourselves, we have a few hundred pages to write content for and are already hammering away on getting business descriptions into all our clients pages. In the spirit of testing out the feature, we also posted our own description which is already showing up in Google Search as depicted below.

Clickflame will optimize your page for you if you have any difficulty with optimization, you can read more about this on our Google My Business Page Optimization section of our site. Moving forward, we will be adding a business description to not only all of our past clients, but all of our future ones as well. Need to optimize your page yourself but unsure of how to? We will be publishing an article soon on how to optimize your business description into Google My Business. Also, for the time being, something is always better than nothing.