Lynwood Jail Inmate Search Website

Searching For An Inmate In Lynwood Jail

We set out to help people that are looking for a loved one find that information easier. In the county of Los Angeles there is a website for the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department inmate searches already. However, as the system is often down and has errors, we were asked to build a newer, up to date tool for people looking for an inmate in Lynwood Jail, the Century Regional Detention Facility or any jail in Los Angeles county.

Getting started, we setup Lynwood inmate search. With a sharp attention to details, we build out a total of 13 pages of information for just this one jail. Recently, we’ve begun to duplicate this at Theo Lacy Jail. As a recap, since we launched the Lynwood version a year ago, this website had recieved over 4,000 searches related to local inmates.

Looking around in California, there doesn’t seem to be at this time a focus on the ease of access for inmate information. We will be moving forward to map each and every jail in the state of California followed by the entire United States.

Doing a Lynwood Jail Inmate search should be as easy as opening your phone and looking it up. Maybe it would take a few minutes at most while you entered information but since the information is supposed to be publicly accessible it would be great if it was actually available to the public easily as well.

Why Is This Important For California?

Within the state of California, there are a little more than 40 million people. Within one year, there are about 1.2 million people arrested in the State. This means that you have a little more than a 2% chance of being arrested every year you live here.

Getting information can sometimes be very easy, by calling down to your local sheriff’s station or police station. Sometimes, depending on area and staffing though, you could end up sitting on hold for no information.

We think that access of information for searching inmates in California should be much more open than it currently is and are here to help build the future through systematic data processing of all relevant information about jails in California, like the Lynwood Jail.

How To Search An Inmate In Lynwood Jail?

There are a few pieces of information you will need before doing an inmate search for Lynwood Jail. In addition to knowing that the person is indeed housed in Lynwood Jail, you will want to have the following:

  • Defendant’s First & Last Name (Having any aliases they may have used is also helpful)
  • Your loved one’s Date of Birth
  • When was the person arrested or incarcerated?
  • Having a booking number is also helpful but usually not neccessary

Simply filling out an inmate search form will result in either an inmate record lookup showing up for your search or a call from the Inmate Information Center to further assist you. Allow at most, five minutes to receive this call back.

Lynwood Jail Inmate Search
Century Regional Detention Facility – Lynwood Jail

Where is Lynwood Jail?

The Lynwood Jail, or Century Regional Detention Facility, is located in Lynwood, California. This is the main women’s jail housing for the entire area of Los Angeles county. Staffed and managed by the Los Angeles Sherriff’s department, this facility has been open since the late 60’s and is also in dire need of repairs.

With long hold times and limited staff, it’s always better if you can gather information online instead of having to go down to the jail itself to wait for answers.

Other Help For Inmates In Lynwood, California

Some other quick ways to find out more about a loved one in custody would be to call an attorney. Most criminal attorney’s will offer a free consultation about your issue.

Also, you can call the Los Angeles Bar Association for a free referral to a criminal attorney that will offer a free consultation.