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How Long Does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Take?


Simply put, search engine optimization can take however long is put into it. Short search marketing tactics can take a few minutes to update. However, getting business leads online from search engine optimization efforts can take months, if not years, depending on how competitive the industry is.

SEO is an ongoing process. Search optimization is never indeed “done” with search engine marketing. Getting a website to rank first for all the relevant keywords can be quite a bit of work. When organic and local search efforts cease, other companies still working on their digital marketing could start passing the former first website.

Google and other search engines will often update their algorithms, requiring more work to modify efforts to keep up with the ever-changing SERPs ecosystem.

While some businesses can shoot right up in rankings because they are in a non-competitive area, others in highly populated areas may have a long journey to the top.

Why is Keyword Research an Important First Step?


Working on keyword research is viewed by many as important and one of the first digital marketing steps. Without knowing the keywords to go after, it would be pretty hard to market to rank them.

Checking out what major business competitors are currently ranking for is another great step for keyword research.

Find out what keywords bring them the most traffic and go after those keywords for rankings.

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Working with Anthony and the team at Clickflame truly was the best experience. Collaboration on several projects combined our strengths while seamlessly eliminating our weaknesses. Thanks for the great partnership!

GARRETT CASSELLS, Nova Southeastern University

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Jeron Mastrud,

They built and optimized 3 websites for us. This included working on website optimization, SEO, email and ad marketing, call-center support, etc.  They did keyword research as well. Anthony [CEO, Clickflame] would check in to let me know what they were working on and to make recommendations. I mostly let them do what they thought was best. We have a compliance service offering and audit protection as a software package they help with. Most recently, they continue to do SEO for our 3 sites, call center work, and email marketing.

– Ross Seymour, Owner of,

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