Geotagging Images For SEO

Geotagging images for SEO and then uploading them to your website, directories and local Google page is something we’ve never seen really covered in SEO. We did, however, find at least one digital marketing agency adding their take on Image SEO.

We find this particularly surprising because it is also one of the few ways we could out perform any other local search engine optimization company in the local map pack for the seven years we did agency work.

Geotagging images for SEO (search engine optimization) is a powerful marketing tactic that is also not really that hard to do.

How To Start Geotagging Your Photos For SEO

In order to start geotagging your photos for search marketing, you will first want to collect the ones you’ll be working on.

We’ve found that on average it can take anywhere from one to five minutes per photo you’d like to geotag for your search engine efforts.

While many options exist in software to modify regular geotagging data on an image, none really exist yet that can do so for our purposes.

You will need to do this process on a PC, not a Mac device. Mac does not allow you to view or edit photo or media meta data.

You would start by clicking the properties tab on a photo. Once there you would then click the option that says details.

- How To Geotag a photo
Now you’ll want to modify the title to reflect the file name of the photo and whatever primary keyword you’d like this piece of media to assist with.

Then you’ll want to modify the subject line with this same idea in mind.

Moving down we do always select a 4 or 5 star rating for the photo as well.

Tags are just like keywords, but for your photos.

Finally, in the comment section, you’ll see the bulk of the data that we’re putting into the back end of the photo will cover quite a bit of background information about your business.

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Why You Should Use Geotagging Images For SEO

We’ve been seeing this kind of result next to our web properties and our clients for almost a decade now. For all of the same rankings they show up for, many photos show up in the image tab for the same searches.

Geotagging Images For SEO 2

While geotagging images for SEO is a relatively new tactic being discussed online among digital marketing industry professionals, we’ve been doing this for almost ten years.

Using geotagging options that already exist in your photos is just another extension of building value around your content.\

Consider publishing Google My Business Posts with geotagged images as well.

Basically, if Google was to rank your photos against a competitors photos based on the value of the photo itself, then this tactic should make certain your photos are always the winner. Not only that, but we also have great luck doing this with stock photography as well.

While I can tell you we’ve literally used this on thousands of accounts, you would really have to give this a try first yourself to see how aggressive websites geotagging photos for search marketing really is.

Feel free to reach out with questions about how exactly to implement geotagged photos into your existing search engine optimization campaign.

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