So what is Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Local Search Engine Optimization is Great

Working within the terms of use of popular search engines there are quite a bit of things you can do to make your business more visible. We're not magicians, just well versed marketers that have done hundreds of hours of research to be the best at what we do. Much of what we do can be accomplished by yourself if you did the same. Some parts of what we do are just putting in the hours and getting the work done. Others do have an overhead that we pay for various subscription or software based products that help. So let's get down to it, what makes our brand of local search engine optimization the best?

Understanding Local SEO is even Better!

In an industry of so called experts and a lot of people that just might not know what they are doing how can you weed out the fools and save your money? Do your research, period. No excuses, just do it, search their name and reviews. If you do your research before purchasing local search engine optimization services then about 90% of the time you wouldn't have bought them. Below is one of the best info-graphics we've ever seen on how local search engine optimization works. Influences on our company are Digital Marketer, Hubshout, Neil Patel & Searchbloom to name a few. Also, the below badges are ones we earned through hard work, testing & extensive certification.

How aggressive do you want your Local Search Engine Optimization?

Directory Submission & Supression


Submission to over 70 Directories Including:

  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Yelp
  • Google
  • We also suppress any bad information about your business on other directories within your first 14 days with us.

So How Exactly Does Local Search Engine Optimization Work?

Well for starters, it's a lot of hard work!

With a sharp increase in mobile web traffic our approach is to optimize everything for mobile searches. From our clients websites right down to the formats photos load into their directory listings with us. Be mobile or be gone was the gauntlet thrown down by Google over two years ago yet we still run across companies with a website that isn't mobile friendly. We are the solution, check out this website on mobile for example. Is it easy to use, naviagate and find the information your looking for? Users we've tested say yes, which is why we know you'll see the point here. Press control +shift +L followed by control +shift +M to view as our website would appear on mobile from your desktop.



How your business is listed online matters

So lets say Tom is looking for a roofer in Detroit for example. When Tom looks up a roofer on search engine b he finds wrong phone numbers, sites that he can't navigate and gets quickly frustrated. However, if Tom were to use Google he would statistically be more likely to find accurate information than any other search engine. How does Google do it? When Google chooses what businesses to show first in response to a keyword search it considers almost everything that business has showing up online. In a competitive market just a couple listings with bad information can leave your roofing company dead last in search results and not getting very much from your online presence. We make certain everything about you online is accurate and uniform in a way that pushes you up in search results as a more relevant option within Google search.



Content Marketing is a large part of search engine optimization efforts.

When you are writing content for the purpose of search engines you're already doing it wrong. Write valuable content that increases the value of search users experience when they reach your business online. Search engines are great at evaluating the content you put out. If your content is just spam with a variety of keywords crammed in then it won't help you and will probably hurt your rankings. We have highly qualified content writers in house that assist your business in reaching the right people at the right time. Synonyms are a big part as well of what search engines look for in content. By talking about search engine marketing or the way we became the best local search engine optimization company in the world for example, are not just spamming the word SEO all over the page and hoping we tricked Google. Everything about this page, from the infographics, content written and styling of the page are meant to give our readers a valuable experience that leaves them with a better understanding of what local search engine optimization truly is.



We will not work harder for your business than you are willing to.

Our most successful clients send in service descriptions, photos and are actively involved in their online marketing succeeding for their business. As great as we are at marketing our clients online, we are not miracle workers. There are things your business needs like reviews, media and video that we simply can't do for you. If you are committed to your business success in a competitive online market then we are the right company for you. If you just want to pay a few hundred dollars and have someone else make your business tens of thousands of dollars a year this is not what we do. We provide amazing tech, training and results that your business can thrive on but you have to be involved in your growth or it simply will not work as well as it should.



So What Are You Waiting For, Let's Get Started!

We are readily available to help you with any of your business marketing needs online this 2017. Give us a call at (714) 332-2725 or send us an email at to get started. Thanks for checking us out, chances are if you made it to the bottom of this webpage with as much information as we put in, we'll be hearing from you soon.